Nail Condition Treatments in Berkeley

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Nail Down Your Health Concerns

Nails are not commonly associated with dermatology, but they can be indicators of larger and more concerning health issues. At NorCal Dermatology Group, our skin experts can diagnose a variety of nail conditions, and any additional underlying concerns at the source. Strong and healthy nails on your hands and feet will boost your confidence, so if you are experiencing any type of discomfort around your nails, have our specialists take a look.

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What Is a Nail Infection?

Although fingers and toes are small, nail infections can become a big problem if left untreated. Nail infections should be diagnosed and treated by a professional so that the nail can stay healthy and grow normally.

Nail infections, also known as Paronychia, can be seen around fingernails or toenails. Whenever you pull hangnails or bite fingernails, the nailbed becomes irritated and introduces bacteria or fungus into the affected area.

Two types of nail infections include:

  • Acute Paronychia – Occurs randomly and worsens fast but does not last very long. This type is caused by bacteria.
  • Chronic Paronychia – Lasts for much longer and will either worsen or reoccur in the same area. This type is caused by fungus.

Nail infections can happen to people of all ages and will normally begin with redness or tenderness. Before you brush off a small finger or toe injury, make sure to care for it properly before it becomes infected.

Ingrown Toenail Treatments

Ingrown toenails occur when the side of the nail grows in the wrong direction and starts digging into the skin surrounding the nail. This will commonly occur at the big toe and will form if the nail is not trimmed properly. If you are experiencing swelling or pain around your toe, consult our skin specialists for treatment options. When an ingrown toenail is not treated, it can become a very serious medical issue.

Make sure you are regularly monitoring your fingernails and toenails for anything out of the ordinary. Although nail trauma can happen very often, it is crucial to know when to see a provider about a future medical issue.

If you believe you are experiencing a nail infection or ingrown toenail, contact us online to schedule an appointment today.


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