4 Reasons Why Sleep Is Important for Your Skin

Jumping Sheep Someone once told me that anything that I am doing after 9 pm on a weeknight is likely a waste of my time. At first, I was a bit offended to hear someone judge my habits and come to such a swift conclusion without knowing much about my lifestyle. For some reason, however, that thought stayed with me until I caved to a similar truth.

MOST things that I do after 9 pm on a weeknight are a waste of my time.

Sure, there are nights when I am working late or reading something that I am truly enjoying. Most nights, however, I find myself watching the extra bit of Netflix, scouring random articles on the internet, or worse, finding myself in the dead zone of the infinite scroll of social media.

If you have not found another reason to try to get more sleep in 2019, do it for your skin.

Here is the obvious reason you should get more sleep – you will “look less tired.” Not sleeping enough tends to bring out those dark circles and bags under your eyes. And less sleep can make your skin look dull. Here are a few reasons why this happens:

1. Sleep is Restorative and Detoxifying

Sleep is a time where your body regenerates itself. The skin and body detox themselves when you are sleeping. So if you are not giving your skin and body time to regenerate and detox, your skin will not repair itself as well.

2. Sleep Creates Melatonin

Melatonin is a great antioxidant that protects your body from aging too quickly. And yes, you guessed it, your body produces melatonin when you are sleeping. We have heard that we should be eating more antioxidant-containing foods and using antioxidant serums on our skin to protect our body and skin. So why would you prevent the production of the natural antioxidant that is being produced by your body at night?

3. Sleep Prevents Stress

Not enough sleep stresses the body out, literally. The cortisol levels become pretty high when you don’t get enough sleep. High cortisol levels tremendously increase inflammation in the body and on the skin. Increased inflammation in the body is bad… Increased inflammation in the skin can worsen conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

4. Sleep Increases Reliability

You are much more likely to stick to your skincare routine if you are not waking up like a zombie in the morning or about to drop right before bed. Sleeping makes it easier to plan and prioritize your skincare routine. You are also more likely to decide to use your skin care products if you sleep enough regularly. Basically, you are less likely to get lazy about your skincare routine or decide you are too tired to do it if you are sleeping well each night.

So here you have it, a dermatologist’s take on why you should be getting more sleep this year.

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