Bone Broth: The Perfect Winter Superfood for the Skin

Bone Broth It’s February. It’s been snowing in New York and in the Midwest. Here in the Bay Area, it’s been raining all season.

If you are craving something warm on these cold and rainy days, consider switching from chicken noodle soup to bone broth. It is good for your skin!

What is Bone Broth?

Bone broth is a combination of water, vegetables, herbs, and bones simmered for a really long time. The difference between bone broth vs stock or broth is that the bones in bone broth are cooked for a much longer period of time (usually more than 24 hours). This prolonged cooking releases a great amount of nutrition and minerals from the bones.

Why is Bone Broth Good for the Skin?

It boosts collagen! Collagen is what causes our skin looking firm and young. As we get older, collagen is not produced as quickly. Also, collagen fibers start to degenerate faster over time. The decreased collagen is what causes our skin to develop wrinkles and fine lines, and causes our skin to look more saggy than before. Drinking bone broth is an easy way to boost the collagen in your skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and/or saggy skin.

Other Health Benefits of Bone Broth?

Gut Health: Bone broth helps with digestion because of its gelatin. Your gut is in charge of absorbing nutrients, keeping you hydrated, and removing toxins from your body. The gut is important for overall health. And ultimately, a happy gut leads to happy skin.

Minerals: Bone broth naturally has a ton of minerals. These minerals are important for mood and sleep. The better your mood and sleep are, the better your skin will be.

Stronger Bones and Joints: The collagen boosting aspect of bone broth strengthens your joints and bones, making you less susceptible to injuries. It also has chondroiton sulfate and glucosamine, which decrease joint pain and inflammation. Exercise is obviously great for your overall health. But it makes a difference on your skin as well!

So if you are looking for a dietary way to keep your skin looking healthy, bone broth is a good bet. Alternatives to bone broth include collagen protein powders and collagen peptide supplements.

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