Halloween Makeup and Skin Safety: What You Should Look Out For

Young,Woman,And,Professional,Beauty,Make,Up,Artist,Vlogger,Recording Halloween is the one night a year when we can be anyone we want. We invest in costumes, wigs, and even spooky makeup to capture the character we’re trying to portray. However, many of these spooky makeup pallets contain harmful ingredients that are not only bad for your skin but could be dangerous for your health. This Halloween, whether you’re dressing up or assisting your child, here are a few skin safety tips you should know.

Harmful Ingredients in Halloween Makeup

Unfortunately, finding harmful ingredients in Halloween makeup palettes and face paints has become increasingly common. While they may be marketed for children, some of these makeup products have been found to contain heavy metals (such as lead and mercury), perfumes, and preservatives. These ingredients can cause allergic reactions, clog the pores, and irritate the skin.

When searching for Halloween makeup, opt for brands you’re familiar with, preferably labeled hypoallergenic.

Prep Your Skin

While choosing the right products is essential, prepping your skin for Halloween is equally important.

When applying your Halloween makeup, be sure to prep your skin beforehand. Prepping your skin refers to cleansing, applying toners and serums, and finishing with moisturizer. While it’s true that clean, moisturized skin helps makeup go on smoother and look better, moisturizers also create a barrier between the makeup and your skin.

Remove the Makeup

At the end of the night, be sure to remove your Halloween makeup. Makeup can clog the pores and leave breakouts if not thoroughly cleansed from the skin. Invest in a makeup-removing cleanser to wash your face. You may want to cleanse a second time to ensure all of the makeup has been removed. Then, finish your nightly skincare routine with a moisturizer.

Bonus Tips

Be sure you do not share your Halloween makeup with others. This can spread bacteria and contaminate the products. You should also do a patch test before applying the Halloween makeup to your entire face; this may prevent a more severe reaction.

Schedule an Exam

If your skin becomes irritated or reacts to your Halloween makeup, schedule an appointment with our skilled dermatologist in Berkeley, CA, Hilary Hughes, PA-C. She can diagnose and treat your condition and help you restore balance to your skin.

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