NovaThreads: Your Facelift Alternative

NovaThread NovaThreads is a minimally invasive facelift alternative that uses a technique called mono-threading to lift and tighten the skin. Also called a “mini facelift,” this technique increases collagen production and cell restoration in the targeted treatment areas, leading to more youthful contours.

NovaThreads vs. Facelift: What Is It?

A traditional facelift involves a large incision just behind the hairline, which may extend around the head. This allows your surgeon to lift, trim, and reposition soft tissues. Alternatively, NovaThreads require no incisions because the threads are so tiny a needle can insert them.

While mono-threading has been around since the 1990s, NovaThreads are an advanced form that includes the use of polydioxanone (PDO). PDO is commonly used in orthopedic and cardiac surgeries to promote faster and better healing. Because the threads dissolve slowly, they continue to impact collagen production over a long period.

How It Works

Facelifts require more significant alteration and lifting of the soft tissues, while a NovaThreads mini facelift procedure offers a gentler approach. It works with your body’s natural ability to heal and rejuvenate damaged cells.

Collagen is a naturally occurring, supportive protein the human body produces. As you age, collagen production decreases. This leads to signs of aging, such as thinner skin, wrinkles, and fine lines. NovaThreads works with your body’s natural systems to restore your skin’s appearance.

How Long Do They Last?

A traditional facelift can last up to ten years; however, it may require a follow-up procedure to maintain your results.

NovaThreads dissolve in about six months, do not cause scarring, and minimal downtime is needed. The results last as long as 15 months, and you can easily maintain your NovaThreads by scheduling this more subtle yet effective procedure every one and a half to two years.

How Is Recovery Different?

Recovering from a facelift can take four to six weeks. On the other hand, with relatively no downtime, incorporating NovaThreads into your skincare routine is simple and effective.

Add NovaThreads to Your Skincare Routine

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