What are Chemical Peels?

Does your skin look and feel tired? You’re in luck! Chemical peels are going to be your answer to give your skin a refreshed and glowing look. There are different types of chemical peels, each type containing specific ingredients to target certain goals. There are chemical peels to prevent and treat pimples, enlarged pores, uneven

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Why is Sunscreen So Important

Have you ever strolled down the sunscreen aisle and felt really confused? Which SPF should you buy? What does SPF even mean? Should you use the spray applications or lotions? Unscented versus scented? Do you even need sunscreen at all? If you have felt yourself bombarded by these questions in the past, please know that

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The Truth About Microneedling

Thousands of people have leftover acne scars. Scarring is one of the most distressing long-term effects of acne. Everybody calls acne scarring something different. At NorCal Dermatology Group, I have heard it called many things: “holes,” “large pores,” “uneven skin,” “old pimples,” etc. Whether your scarring is subtle or more noticeable, there is no reason

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PRP Treatments

Thinning hair and baldness are topics that no man wants to think or talk about. Don’t worry, you are not alone! Male pattern baldness is something that many, many men will encounter in their lifetimes. Male pattern baldness is a real thing and at some point, it has to be faced. Unfortunately, it happens to

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